Just For Fun! 000

CAUTION! - Make sure you have selected an answer for each question!

1. In Revelation, Christ returns to earth riding...
A - an eagle.
B - a white horse.
C - a donkey.
D - a camel

2. Are there any books of the Bible that do not contain the word "God" in them?
A - no.
B - Yes, Proverbs and Esther.
C - Esther and Song of Solomon.
D - Nehimiah and Esther.

3. The phrase, "For God so loved the world ..." occurs in...
A - Mark
B - Matthew
C - Luke
D - John

4. Peter once caught a fish with one of these in it's mouth:
A - an apple.
B - another fish.
C - a coin.
D - a Pharisee.
5. If I feel like I am not saved...
A - that means I am not saved
B - I should examine myself with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, ask God to forgive me, and stand upon His Word in regards towards His forgiveness. Once I do this, I should praise the Lord and, if the negative feelings return, rebuke satan.
C - I should ignore it
D - then I must be demon possesed.
6. Adam and Eve sinned when they ate...
A - an apple.
B - fruit from the tree of "Knowledge of Good and Evil".
C - a Big Mac
D - grapes
7. As a born-again Christian, your standards...
A - are based on the rules of the church that you belong to.
B - are derived from your parents
C - are dictated by circumstances
D - are dictated from Christ living within you
8. The most important thing in your life is...
A - yourself.
B - your family.
C - your job/career.
D - your own personal eternal salvation.

CAUTION! - Make sure you have selected an answer for each quesition!

9. The first profession was...
A - toolmaking.
B - farming.
C - prostitution.
D - McDonald's.
10. We are to...
A - live like Jesus would in this world.
B - let Jesus live within us, but blend in with the rest of the world.
C - always follow what society desires us to do.
D - always adhere to the state.
11. 1 John 5:20 plainly shows that Jesus is...
A - God.
B - a mere man.
C - a ghost.
D - a phantom.
12. The last book of the Old Testament is...
A - Zechariah.
B - Malachi.
C - Matthew.
D - Revelation.